Bruno Lauwers


We used to just build software. Sometimes we do that iteratively. We build tiny little chunks to add tiny little pieces of value. We named this thing Agile development and the rest is history. The next iteration was when someone realised it would be a good idea to remove the fence between developers and the people who keep the software running. The mantra “You build it, you run it” was born and the world plunged into the DevOps era.

In the last year or so, it looks like the corporate world at large has looked at the success of the DevOps movement and new branches of the *Ops movement have arisen. From PeopleOps, to ProductOps, to DesignOps and MarketingOps. The Opsification of the office workers is steadily moving on. It feels like every business unit these days jumps on the bandwagon of the Ops trend. So to help the ones I’ve missed, or to provide some inspiration, I’ve decided to coin some others. Not to make fun of the people in the workplace. But because everyone deserves their own jargon. And who knows - maybe some already exist, but I hope at least one of these can be attributed to me one day! ;)


After the big breakthrough of the design departments into DesignOps movements, I think it’s time for the copywriters to make their move as well. Although CopyOps could work as well, this sounds hilarious in Dutch (for my non-Dutch friends: It sounds something like “keep your head ups”). That’s why I’d like to coin the term COps. Do with it whatever you want. Whoop whoop!


I’m a bit surprised this one doesn’t exist yet (AFAIK). With influencing as a multi-billion dollar market, this is starting to become a real market. Besides posting your ads content it’s also important to keep interacting with your followers and monitoring your fanbase. That’s why InflOps would be the logical next step for the influencers at the bleeding edge of technology.


In all honesty - I haven’t really figured out how to make this backronym work. But wouldn’t this be an amazing candidate for the next level of recruitment? It could stand for JobOps maybe? Feel free to drop me a message with any suggestions you might have!


With the Tour de France ending this weekend I was inspired by Vingegaard and his friends. It could be bike management. It could be monitoring tire pressure and lubrication of the chain. I’d even like to nudge my Scrummaster and/or Agile Coach friends for this one. This one has a ring to it!


It’s inevitable. Because every circle has to close at some point it’s just a matter of time before the Operations teams look at themselves as well and want to improve their own running. And although OpsOps is a strong contender as well I think OOps will be the next big thing.